Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Book ideas1-sentence-summary from 4 minutes summary and Bonus

Book ideas. 1 sentence summary and when you click read more you read 4 minutes summaries
and who knows these summaries can inspire you to read a book.

To Sell Is Human Summary

1-Sentence-Summary: To Sell Is Human shows you that selling is part of your life, no matter what you do, and what a successful salesperson looks like in the 21st century, with practical ideas to help you convince others in a more honest, natural and sustainable way.. READ MORE

Meditations On First Philosophy Summary

1-Sentence-Summary: Meditations On First Philosophy is the number one work of philosophy of the Western world, written by RenĂ© Descartes in 1641, abandoning everything that can possibly be doubted and then starting to reason his way from there. READ MORE

How To Win At The Sport Of Business Summary

1-Sentence-Summary: How To Win At The Sport Of Business is Mark Cuban’s account of how he changed his mindset and attitude over the years to go from broke to billionaire and help you embrace the habits of a successful businessman (or woman). READ MORE

Oxygen Summary

1-Sentence-Summary: Oxygen helps you understand the biology of our evolution by taking a close look at the molecule that can make and break all life and how it’s shaped the rise of animals, plants and humans, as well as why it might be the key to ending aging. READ MORE

Traction Summary

1-Sentence-Summary: Traction is a roadmap for startups to achieve the exponential growth necessary to survive the first few months and years by looking at 19 ways to get traction and a framework to help you pick the best one for your startup. READ MORE 

Predictable Success Summary

1-Sentence-Summary: Predictable Success leads you through the various stages of companies and alternative paths they can and might take, depending on their actions, showing you the safest path towards predictable success, where you consistently achieve your goals. READ MORE

In Defense Of Food Summary

1-Sentence-Summary: In Defense Of Food describes the decline of food in exchange for diets driven by science and nutritional data, how this decline has ruined our health and what you can do to return to food as a simple, cultural, natural aspect of life. READ MORE 


I found this site where you can read - Meditations On First Philosophy .They even give you a quiz to help you understand the book.  CLICK HERE

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