Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cloud Digital Storage Tips

Owning Vs. Access

I use to think before when I was design oriented that creating web sites was all about design rather than content. Now a days my perspective has changed and I am all about using the amazing free resources and give my 100% attention to content. With the rise of mobile you can pretty much do more and access more from anywhere in the world. For example with Google docs  you can easily create spreadsheets, word documents, power point presentations and even collect information. Talk about having an office back end on the go. You can do all this through your phone and PC from virtually any where. Your creativity is the limit. Plus remember all theses documents can easily be shared and worked on them by anybody that you give access to, so think team work.

Tire of carrying around important documents in paper that don't really need to be in a physical format like a passport or birth certificate. You can scan them now and add them to your Google Drive. This another great service from google that pretty much gives you access to 15 Gigabyte of free space on the cloud.

You need more space to save your photos? You can use google plus and upload your pictures there. Google drive is more like your own private USB stick that you don't need to carry around.

This in a nutshell could be all you might need to start your digital business. Think big, think digital.

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