Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Tips on Books (Buyology Book Summary)

Here is an Idea.

You can save time and money when it comes to getting the gist on a book by googling a BOOK SUMMARY.

I listened to this Audio Book on my phone. I picked up some good points about it. Then I wanted to solidify my learning experience and did a book summary search about it.

I found this great summary of this book. Take a pick and go to the source for full summary.

Book Summary
Lindstrom claims that market research is nothing but unreliable and misleading. He maintains that “how we say we feel about a product can never truly predict how we behave”. As a result the book is set out in a series of experiments conducted to prove, disprove or explore theories surrounding what drives consumers to buy (or not to buy).
The brain is deceptive. Using an experiment conducted on 32 smokers from around the world, fMRI results indicated that when shown a slideshow of images of cigarette packet health warnings, a “craving spot” within subjects’ brain was actually stimulated. This experiment, despite almost all subjects claiming they were affected by the health warnings, produced results which suggested they weren’t.  The warnings apparently had no effect on putting people off smoking, instead increased their desire to. This, the first of a series of examples, demonstrates that what we say we think or feel, is often not mirrored by our brain. Apparently the billions spent on health campaigns are actually helping the tobacco industry – 10 million cigarettes are sold every minute.
We may think we understand why we buy but looking closely at our brain suggests very differently.

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