Tuesday, July 19, 2016

real books that are defined by reality

Logic vs Imagination

Watch out for these books!

If you don't mind hitting a dead end and calling it quits.. These books are good for that. But if you are looking for something positive or upbeat perhaps something that can make a difference in your life and who knows give you that edge to solve a problem these books are not that. These books are too real and depressing. It comes a point when one must identify what helps and doesn't and even though these authors have value I didn't find something that I can use for my daily living. I will not banned them but I would say use caution and you have been warned. 

The Indian story of the two wolves comes to my mind. You have two wolves. One is positive and the other one is negative. Which wolves will you feed? 

Will you use logic to solve things or would you use your imagination. If you want to use logic.. be prepare to be limited. If you want to use imagination than prepare for that unknown and these is the part where these books are not helpful to help you deal with the unknown because they are defined by reality.

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