Friday, July 8, 2016

How to read and hear books for free.

Amazing Resources for Free

If you live in Los Angeles, CA or in the state of California. You can get a free library card from Los Angeles Public Library. Which in my view is one the biggest public library in all the states. Here is the link to the library website. 

It has a lot of free resources. Feel free to explore the site since it contain many treasures within that can be access through your library card for Adults as well for kids too. Since I don't live near Los Angeles any more is hard for me to visit this great library any more. Nevertheless I can still benefit from its digital resources and get the books in audio and video format. What I use a lot is called OverDrive. The library has a partnership with this company and through them they provide digital media for the public. The link to this portal is OverDrive Los Angeles Public Library You must use your library card number and pin number to access the books. Once you are in you can listen to audio books, read Ebooks from your computer and if you download an app from overdrive you can do it there too. I personally use the phone more than the computer because I can take it with me everywhere.

If you can't access the website or have any other technical issue. You can always call the public library and get the help from them. Please note that Los Angeles Public Library and Los Angeles County public library are not the same. Los Angeles county public library has also partnerships with Overdrive Los Angeles County. If you have a library card from them. You can expand the access of your library book resources. If you don't live in California always ask your local library since Overdrive has formed partnerships with local library through out the states, Canada and other areas.

Please note that even tough these resources are available for free. This is due to donors and sponsorship so please always support your local library.

Drawing that my daughter did in school using pastels in school 4/5/2016.

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