Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Printed material should be digital.

I refuse to seek out print material to get my information.

With the advent of the digital age. I find it hard to seek out printed materials like a did few years ago. Most of my reading, or learning is happening through documentaries on Youtube and Lynda.com. Most of the books I am reading are Ebooks, E-magazines. 

It doesn't look like match just watching my phone and not showing a fancy library for it. But the amount of information I am going through is amazing. It is a true wonderful event that happens from the inside out. Living the digital is so excited to me because my stuff is available on the cloud and the amount of space I save is amazing. I could go anywhere in the world with internet access and have my books, magazine, videos and online classes available for to me. 

I think this will grow and is getting even better since now the phones are getting so powerful. One can do most of it from the phone them whether is learning, entertaining or making money from them.

My advice if you don't feel comfortable with technology is start training your brain little by little and realize that is just programming . I am taking a math class on educosoft.com and most of the my problem solving is done on Paint. At first it was weird using the mouse but as time went by.. my scribbles look better and my attachment to it is getting stronger. You will get better on what you do most and if you start today. Who knows where the world of digital will take it.

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